Thursday, April 27, 2006

(Sub)Mission Impossible II

It's all over. I have finally completed my submissions for the second semester. It took a long time & a great deal of efforts, some of them on my part, but finally it's done. All the midnight mugs of coffee haven't gone waste after all. I feel as if I'm on top of the world.
Unfortunately, the celebrations of this great feat come with a disclaimer - only the sub-missions are over. The main mission ie the end semester exams still await me. But for now I bask in the glory of a job well done. And once again I steal a quote from the great Roman Emperor Julius Caesar :
Veni Vedi Vici
( I came, I saw , I conquered)

An obituary: The king is dead..... long live the king

The Dhote 'ketchbook
August 2005 - 26 April 2006
Life, for us privileged students of Prof. N.D. Dhote, usually revolves around a few sheets of A3 sized paper bounded together, normally called as a " 'ketchbook". In fact, it almost seems that these pieces of shit oops ,sorry sheet, rule over our lives. It's like a noose dangling around your neck, waiting to strangle you. They are at the same time our most hated & our most precious possessions. Hated because they are a constant reminder that a lot of drawing is still to be done. And precious because if you happen to lose them, it means drawing all those boring problems all over again.
Thus, the 'ketchbook was a powerful ruler, feared by it's subjects & it's enemies alike. But with the graphics submission done, the reign has ended & we are all free men now. The reign of terror may have been short but after going through it, we all have emerged stronger than before. Our survival through this torturous reign has given our confidence a great boost. We all now know that whatever calamity may arise, it can be survived by a combination of determination, hard work, will, team spirit(in my case) & glass tracing(not in my case). Now we all look ahead to a free life before us. But before that, a minute's silence in memory of the deceased. The king is dead, long live the king.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sorry for the delay

A very big sorry to all you loyal readers who happen to read my blog. Fact is that the hostel server is down & rumour has it that it won't be up till the end of the exams. Hence after waiting for a long time, I finally accessed the net from outside the hostel.
Also, I'm sort of busy right now as I have a few activities on hand that are quite time-consuming. And there are submissions to be dealt with too.
Not that I was totally inactive. I did a lot of things worth writing here during the last fortnight. But that I guess will have to wait.
So once again, I take off on another break from blogging. Toh milenge break ke baad. Hopefully that would be soon.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Finally the Xearch is over

I've been in Pune for almost half a year & have been quizzing a lot during this time. However, the level of quizzing in Pune being pretty high, I fail to even qualify for most of the quizzes, especially the important quizzes for which everyone turns up. Hence the only way for me to win a quiz was by participating in non-descript college quizzes & hoping for a lucky break. That finally happened yesterday (Saturday).
I had won a pretty decent quiz recently, the AFMC Sports quiz, but that after all was a sports quiz. So officially, my General Quizzing victories column still had a big zero in it. But yesterday I finally managed to open my account by winning the Quiz conducted by the Civil Dept. of COEP as a part of their event 'Xearch - 06'. I agree that there were no regular quizzers competing against us except for Siddharth Dani, that it was an extremely short quiz (it lasted just 4 rounds) & that we only gave 3 correct answers during the entire duration of the quiz. But a win is a win & even though this was by no means the greatest achievement of my quizzing career, I had achieved my target - of winning the first prize of Rs. 500. I know it's not much but it's pretty good if you only have to sit for an hour & answer just three questions. As it is I had nothing else to do & my recent spell of partying & eating out meant that I desperately needed something to balance the widening gap between my income & expenditure. Hence it was a pretty good way to spend the afternoon, even though it would have been much more fun if I could have attended the BCQC meeting as well, which I had to leave halfway in order to participate in the Quiz. But I guess you win some & you lose some. And today I won & nobody can take that away from me .