Friday, July 21, 2006

The week after

July 16, Sunday:
I like to call Pune or rather COEP 'Neverland'. Thats basically because I never thought that I'd land here. And also because after every vacation I feel like never coming back to this land. But unfortunately today marks my return to Neverland and also to the closest experience of jail that I've ever had - the hostel. And to make things worse, there were about 16 of us crammed into one room where usually 3 live. How we actually managed to sleep is a great example of Human Resource Management. Maybe this'll help me while I'm doing my MBA.

July 17, Monday:
Now the real stuff begins as they say. Today happens to be my first day of college. No more studying useless subjects like Graphics, Civil et al. From now on I shall study subjects like DESC, NAS, EDLC, PS & CSTL, the long forms of which still elude me. The college or rather the dept manages to shock us and there is a lecture conducted, before we get another shock - we're gonna have pracs from tomorrow. Surely they wouldn't....

July 18, Tuesday:
But they did, I just had my first practical of the year and surprisingly I actually learned something today. Did you know that on the CRO....naah, forget it. No electronics stuff here. There's enough of it in college already.
And life just got better. I started playing football again. Finally I'm doing something I like..

July 19, Wednesday:
I moved into my new room. I-104 is the address for those unfortunate souls who might have to visit it. The room happens to be right next to the toilet. Awesome. And when I enter, there's so much shit left by the previous inhabitants, that I feel as if I'm IN the toilet and not next to it. It takes us the better part of three hours to clean the room so as to make it hospitable. But it does feel better to have some place that you can call your own.

July 20, Thursday:
Nothing special. The day consists of going to college & playing football. By now I'm sick of the hostel food. And it's only been 5 days since I've come here. What will I do during the rest of the year?
And now I realise that I seem to have become a loner and am avoiding most of my friends. Or is it the other way round?

July 21, Friday:
Today. The plan for the day was great - fill the fees and get admission as soon as possible so that I can bunk college later when all others are taking their admission. It totally backfires - thanks to a late 9:30 AM start to the day. I go to college at 10:30 and am stuck there till 3 PM. I thought that once you pass your FE exam, you enter SE. But now I know better. You ain't in SE, till you've taken admission. And taking admission is by far the most boring thing to do. Needless to say, I doze off in the auditorium. And while everybody around me gets their job done quickly, I seem to be stuck. And by the time I leave, all others have completed their admission process hours before and have gone home. I guess I must be the only person who didn't break into a queue and followed all the procedures to the letter. No doubt I came out last. So much for honesty.

Fun, Frolic, Friends, Football, Freedom..........Finished!!

I sit here in Pune, writing this post. It's been almost a week since I'm here and I'm still suffering from the holiday hangover. Lets recap what happened over the course of the last 2 months:
To begin with, I slept a lot. And mostly during the day, I was awake till almost 3 AM every single day of the vacations. Then I'd sleep through the morning. Ah! Those were the days!
I played lots of football. Every single evening, I'd be out playing with my friends. It was great fun!! And so was the football world cup.
I read 'The Godfather' which happens to be an awesome book. I liked Michael Corleone so much that while reading the book (mostly in the loo) I'd be saying his dialogues out aloud. That was fun too.
I hung out with my close friends and did all sorts of crazy stuff.
I spent hours online chatting.
I saw a bus being burned by a crazy mob of rioteers.
I slept more.
I spent hours watching TV. I was watching Discovery channel at 3 AM!! I also realised that TV only gets interesting after 11 PM
I listened to Pink Floyd for hours everyday. It's too good!!
I saw all the movies that were released, even if they were crap.
I ate like a hog and put on almost 6 kgs, which I hope to lose sometime in the next millennium.
I was bitten by the Orkut bug and suddenly wanted to increase my friends. As a result, I now have 250+ friends on orkut, a leap of about 150 in the last months or so.
And lots of unmentionable stuff...
But now I sit here, and I'm staring at this list. And I realise that for the next one year, I'll be able to do nothing of this sort.
Life sucks!

Monday, July 10, 2006

It's all over

The World Cup was one event I was looking forward to with great anticipation right from the time my vacations began. I had watched the previous World Cup too but Germany 2006 was way more enjoyable than KJ 2002. Firstly, there were fewer upsets which meant that the top teams were competing in the knockout phase unlike last time around when lower-ranked teams like Korea & Turkey were playing in the semis. Also was the fact that the coverage was much better than last time. I've been watching sports for almost a decade now and I feel that the coverage provided by ESPN-Star Sports is by far the best, be it any sport. They bring to sports broadcasting a perfect mixture of fun and serious analysis and hence please both the purist and the new follower. Bravo ESS keep it up!!
There were obviously other reasons why I liked this WC more than the previous ones. Firstly, all of the matches were played at night(IST) and this gave me a great opportunity to see all the action live, something which I was unable to do last time around when the matches were played in the evening. And of course this gave me a chance to actually improve my footballing skills by playing football every evening. Lets hope my football playing doesnt become a one-off, WC only activity. Because that would be a real pity.
Then again this time around my favourite teams played pretty well, though they didn't go that far in the WC. Spain & Holland both showed that they are very good teams and went out early only due to a tough draw. I also found a new team to support - Germany. Their attacking style of football made me a big fan. I just loved their striking pair of Klose & Podolski and also the new players like Lahm & Schweinsteiger. Klinsmann turned out to be a great coach and I have a feeling that in the years to come, this team might be the best in the world. Ditto with Argentina & Holland, both of whom had extremely young squads. And finally one of my old favourites - the Azzuri - managed to win the title, so I'm in a great mood now. And my favourite - Andrea Pirlo - also had a great WC which was the icing on the cake for me.
I guess I loved the WC so much because I finally got to see some top-quality football, which I was deprived of during the last year. And also because I had a blast throughout the WC as in coincided with my vacations. Heck, I even missed Wimbledon just to see the WC. I must have seen about 50 or more matches during this World cup, out of the 64 played. And thats a lot of TV watching. But the fun that I had during that is simply unmatchable.
But it's all over now. Time to move on. Feels sad that it's over, and even sadder to know that one of my all-time favourite footballers - Zizou - will never play again. But the show must go on. However irrespective of what happens later, I shall always remember the WC 2006 as one of the happiest months of my life. Cheers!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The crowning glory

Zinedine Zidane is considered by many, including myself, to be the greatest footballer of his generation & arguably the best French player of all time. He has won all there is to win - the World Cup, the European championships & the Champions league. He has been both World and European world footballer of the year. But today, two days before what might be his greatest footballing moment ever and surely his last international, comes his moment of crowning glory. For today, in honour of his great contribution towards French and indeed World football, I change MY nickname from 'Khazu' to 'Zizou', at least till the World Cup final. I'm sure that he'll be touched by this enormous gesture of goodwill. A copy of this declaration has already been sent to the heads of state of all the countries in the world so that they can make the necessary changes in their contact lists. I request you to please do the same. And for one last time, Go Zizou!!

Am I going insane?

During the last three days, I haven't played football. I have actually woken up before 8 AM. I have been regular in all my daily activities. I actually spent two hours chatting with my college friends. I haven't met my school friends. I havent played Basketball. I haven't gone for swimming or even for cycling. I have actually helped others a lot. I have driven safely at extremely slow speeds (by my standards). I have gone to bed early (again by my standards). I have exercised every morning. I have done all that was asked of me. I haven't done anything which I might have to hide from my parents. I haven't spent hours doing nothing on the net. And worst of all, I actually missed the semi-final between France & Portugal because I fell asleep!!! In fact I have behaved like an ideal boy, almost. So that has once again raised the world's most popular question - Am I going insane??