Saturday, September 09, 2006


As of now, I'm trapped outside my room without my key. One of my room-mates has told me not to worry, he'll be back in 2-3 hours, whereas of the other two, well let's not talk about them. So this leaves me stranded outside my room, all sweaty from a game of basketball and also without my cell and my wallet. So if anyone has, mistakenly, stolen the key of my room or has a duplicate of it, PLEASE give it to me. I shall be very grateful.....

This must count as the one of the most dumb excuses to come online. But what the heck, I'm not even paying for this (I don't have my wallet remember? All I have is 2 bucks that I stole from Apoorv). So might as well shut up and keep surfing before they kick me out of here.

Sigh, just another regular day at the hostel...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tasting defeat..

Let's face it. All of us lie. Every single day we lie to our friends, family, colleagues et al. We lie about everything. Hey Dont worry, it's not the Lage Raho Munnabhai effect and nor am I trying to preach Gandhi-ism to you. I just want to tell you how I, for one moment, rose above the rest of mankind by not lying. Read on...
I guess the people we lie to the most are beggars. I mean if a beggar approaches you and asks for a rupee, how many of you actually say, " Sorry Dude, I have money but I'd rather have a Coke instead"? Nobody, right? All you say is, "Chal kucch nahi hai aage jaa". But day before yesterday I was on the Z-bridge (no forther inquiries involving questions like Who? and Why? shall be entertained) at night when a small kid walked up to me and begged me for some money. I reached out for my wallet and realised that it wasn't there. I mean I had my cell and my keys but my wallet was not there. Then I realised that I was, for one moment, just like the little boy - no money in my pockets and no one around who's ready to give me even a single buck. So for the first, and hopefully the last time, I looked the little beggar boy in the eyes and said in an honest voice, "Dude, I REALLY dont have anything. I'm not lying, I dont have a single buck. Believe me". And that he did, 'cause he walked away without a word. Too stunned to say anything.
But I was wrong, I wasn't like that boy. For ten minutes later, he walked past me again and this time he was happily munching on some chaat that he had in his hand. And not just that, the moment he saw me, he pointed at the chaat, laughed at me and left. And I spent the next half an hour trying to find a chaat-wallah who would give me something to eat. But I found no-one. I was beaten by a beggar kid. I feel like s**t.