Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Sehwag ki maa needs to know

"He is talented, very talented, but he has no brains"
Geoffrey Boycott about Virender Sehwag after he recklessly pulled a catch to deep square in India's first innings at the SSC.

My sentiments exactly.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sim CAT 2 & 3

Due to lack of internet access I was unable to post my scores for SimCAT 2. Since then I have also written SimCAT 3, so here's my report card from the last two SimCATs:

SimCAT 2:
To put it simply - it was horrible. I had a terrible time during the exam, I guess staying up till 4 am playing pranks on people isn't the best possible preparation for a test. Managed to clear only the DI cut-off, failed to clear the other two. Anyways, I have learnt my lesson and hope to avoid such mishaps in the future.
Quant - 11/50 Cut-off - 19 Percentile : 75.37
English - 9/50 Cut-off - 12 Percentile : 87.36
DI - 22/50 Cut-off - 18 Percentile : 96.23
Overall - 45/150 Cut-off: 50 Percentile : 94.31

SimCAT 3:
Much better than last time around. Was pretty confident after the paper and it showed in the result. DI is again a problem - missed the cut-off by 6 marks. Otherwise, for my score, I would have scored an AIR of 20.

Quant - 50/100 Cut-off : 28 Percentile : 99.76
English - 54/100 Cut-off: 26 Percentile : 99.92
DI - 30/100 Cut-off: 36 Percentile : 83.56
Overall - 134/300 Cut-off: 92 Percentile : 99.86

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lost in Translation

Thanks to the new rules made by the Training & Placement Cell of our college, I have had to sit through a lot of Pre-Placement Talks. Most of them have been boring to say the least, but yesterday's talk was more than just an exception to the rule.
We were seated in Mechanical Dept, Room No 13 for the talk by Avaya. As soon as their presentation was over and all of us were about to leave, in came 5 Koreans - 3 men and 2 women(thanks to my divine gift of being able to distinguishbetween different people from the far east I could make out they were Korean. Others were still baffled). The guy who was about to give the presentation walked up to the lectern and started setting up his laptop. We all took our seats, wondering what was happening when our Assistant Training and Placement Officer walked in. He stood next to the man with the laptop and announced,
"We are extremely grateful that these people who had come to our college as a delegation have agreed to come and interact with you. They are from ETR"
Korean guy interupts him, saying "ETRI"
"Ah yes, ETRI. And they have come all the way from Japan"
Korean guy - "Korea"
"Yes yes Korea. And now I shall hand it over to Mr. (reaches for a small chit in his pocket and reads from it) Wang ."

Now Mr. Wang starts with his presentation. We were staring at the screen, worried because everything was in Korean. Then he suddenly opened a powerpoint file which was thankfully in English and started with his presentation.

"I would like to thank COEP & especially Mr. (looking towards the assistant TPO & then realising that he doesn't know his name) 'Handsome Man' here who made it all possible"

You had to appreciate Mr. Wang. His english was impeccable. He never made a single grammatical mistake throughout the presentation. But there's more to communication than grammar. He had a very thick Korean accent, as a result of which more than half the people (excluding me) present could make neither heads nor tails of what he was speaking. But he never realised that, so he just carried on. Then he came to a point in his presentation when he mentioned the eligibility criteria, which was MS or PhD, and then asked for the full form of PhD. Immediately a guy in the audience stands up.

Guy in Audience: " Sir I am . I am a student of M. Tech E & TC. I am interested in communication. I would like to do my project with your company. What is the eligibility criteria for that? Will it be in Korea or India? How should I apply for it? I am really interested"

Now Mr. Wand realises that nobody can understand what he is saying. So he asks random guy to take his seat and continues with the presentation.

"These are the next slides. I'll go through them quickly."

Then he goes through at least 20 slides at more than 1 slide per second. He knows by now that it's pointless talking anymore. Soon he's done and then he introduces his team. What was really amusing was that all his colleagues had monosyllablic names and all were rhyming. Or maybe he just pronunced them that way. Then while leaving, one of his lady colleagues - a dainty little woman - turns around and says 'Bye!' in a voice that reminded me of my 4 year old sister. All of us promptly waved at her and reciprocated.

What followed was non-stop laughter. By far the funniest thing to have happened to us in days.