Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quizzer of Fortune

I guess all quizzers have a bit of the mercenary streak in them: no one can claim to have attended quizzes only due to the quality of questions without ever considering the monetary benefits involved. I am no different, I have spent the four years of my college life in Pune as a quizzing mercenary. I have attended quizzes in god-forsaken places like Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering, just for the money. And I have attended some terribly organised, lower than school level quizzes for the same reason.

But that was back in college. Once I started earning, the money was no longer such a great motivator and I realised that there were better things to do in life than attending silly quizzes. So I abandoned the mercenary approach to quizzing and instead decided to attend quizzes solely based on their quality. Unfortunately, this came to an end last month.

WIMWI has some very good quizzers, but the number is still quite low for such an institute of national repute, the reasons for which I will discuss sometime later. As a result of this dearth of quizzing talent, there was not much competition when I decided to turn up for all the quizzes (and other fun activities) being conducted in college. And this led to the strangest of results, as listed below.

My performance at quizzes (not the study related ones)and other such activities in WIMWI:
1. Marketing Quiz - 3rd.
2. General Quiz - 2nd.
3. Word Games - 2nd.
4. Pot Pourri - 1st.
5. Finance Quiz - 2nd.

Those of you who know me well know about my comical ineptitude at (and great dislike for) anything that comes close to being a business quiz. So my performance in the Marketing and Finance quizzes must come as a great surprise, although in my defence, my success in the Finance Quiz was mostly because I had happened to read about Nick Leeson when I was framing questions for Chakravyuh. Also I had never previously participated in any kind of word games, yet I came 2nd. As for Pot Pourri, I seem to be pretty good at this, as I maintained my 100% win record (the only previous victory was at Tata Motors with Abhishek and Yash Marathe). Before coming here, I would never have dreamt of attending a Marketing or a Finance quiz, and yet I was attending (and winning) these quizzes. The mercenary quizzer within me is surely staging a comeback. I guess its just a side effect of being in college.

Its been more than a month that I have been here, and there have been many memorable, blogpost-worthy moments in that one month. I hope to keep posting regularly, but for now I have to leave, for a have a Sports Quiz to attend. (insert evil laugh here)