Saturday, February 10, 2007

My new cricketing heroes

Everybody loves attacking batsmen, or sloggers if you happen to be a purist, everybody. Even the people who turn up their nose to a cricket match, come running back to see a really explosive player batting. Adam Gilchrist is obviously the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of attacking batsmen. Other cricketers who fall under the same category amongst current players would be Kevin Pieterson, Andrew Symonds, Sanath Jayasuriya & Shahid Afridi. But in the last month we have seen the emergence of two new cricketers to this illustious list - Mal Loye & Robin Uthappa.
At first sight there seems nothing similar between them - Robin Uthappa is a youngster who got through after a string of good performances at the under-19 level while Loye has been playing for ages and made his debut only at the age of 34. But the way they play is pretty similar - they show no regard towards the bowler and try to hit every ball out of the park. Every ball. That's why they're not as successful as other batsmen in the team. However, no one can match their entertainment skills. I'd rather see Loye slog-sweeping Shane Bond (though he did get his jaw broken when he tried the same to McGrath) & Uthappa hitting the poor Bradshaw all over the place than see Collingwood sneak singles. Let's hope that both of them have a long career ahead of them so that we get to see more such memorable moments.

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